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Bringing the delight of the cottage garden in to your home, wedding, event or business 



Hello. I am Hilary aka The Devon Cottage Gardener.


I supply sustainably grown, seasonal, exquisite, cut and dried cottage garden flowers and grasses from my Cottage, Cutting and Prairie Gardens established on our two acre garden and paddock in 2017.

Inspired by the surrounding countryside within the 'Golden Triangle' of Okehampton, Launceston and Tavistock, I garden on the site of our thirteenth century farmhouse. My aim is to bring the delight of the cottage garden in to homes, weddings, events and businesses. 

I am passionate about preserving the flora and fauna that surrounds us. Seeds from the wildflowers in our hedges and paddock are collected and scattered each year to help rejuvenate the banks and meadow areas.

All of the  flower borders are made using the 'no dig' method in an effort to support bio-diversity and I recycle as much as possible. A great example is mulch, which comes from cast off sheep wool from a local farmer. As well as adding valuable nitrogen, this cuts down on the watering required as it retains moisture. Compost is largely made in the garden, gathered from the borders and pond.

I am a member of 'Flowers from the Farm' which promotes the British grown flower industry and provides you with the opportunity to source flower growers across the UK to send bouquets of British grown flowers to friends and loved ones.

You are welcome to see the development of the gardens via our Instagram page in 'Contact' below.


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Thrushall Farmhouse,


Portgate. Devon. EX20 4PU

Tel 07775556966


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