Flower news
August 2022

The last time I wrote here was in May!!! June and July just flew by in a haze of hot weather, plant care and weddings. Thankfully, August is not as busy with weddings so I finally have a chance to catch up on all my admin!

The hot weather has certainly presented a challenge and I am heartily glad that I grow mostly perennials. These have thrived in my stone based soil over the last four years. I think we all know that we are going to have to experiment with what we grow in our gardens as we face the impact of climate change. One area that has thrived has been my prairie garden. The plants in this section are all ones which prefer dry conditions and as a result, I have only had to water this area once all summer.

June and July saw me busily trying to keep plants at their best for the weddings I had in the diary and luckily all went well. It has been a delight to work with the couples who chose my Devon grown flowers. I get as much pleasure from seeing the pictures from couples who chose to use my D.I.Y. buckets to make their own arrangements as I do standing back and surveying the result of months of planning and work that have gone in to the full service weddings. I am already working with couples on their flower choices for next year and some seedlings have already gone in the ground in preparation for early Spring weddings next year. It sure is all go. 

I also hosted two visits from the local Werrington Ladies Circle during June. They were keen to understand how I grow flowers using sustainable methods. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about growing sustainably but also about buying British grown flowers. The ladies (and a few gents) rallied in the intense heat and were rewarded with a cream tea which was baked and prepared by Rob @ Lifton Hall Hotel. Flowers I can grow-baking is a mystery!!

August will see me continuing to sow early flowering annuals for next year. There is a ton of cutting back to complete, as well as seed gathering for next year. The wildflower areas will all be strimmed and allowed to lie for a week for seeds to fall. They will then be given a hard scarify before being sown with additional seeds collected over the summer. Suddenly, August is seeming more busy than I thought.

You can see some of the photos from the recent weddings on the 'Gallery' page.

Have a great August all.