'Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true' Aesop's Fables

Hi. I am Hilary aka The Devon Cottage Gardener. Thank you for viewing the web site and reading this blog.

As this is a new site and the first blog, I thought I would let you in to the story behind 'The Devon Cottage Gardener' and my adventure into the world of creating a cottage and cutting garden which has led to supplying local customers with sustainably grown, cut flowers, cottage garden perennials, prairie plants and grasses.

On a particularly gorgeous, sunny day in July 2016 I went to Devon to view a run down and unloved property. As I turned on to the track and looked at the farmhouse, I did not focus on the cracking concrete render covering the granite underneath or the asbestos roof. Instead I was drawn to the beautiful location and overgrown two acre plot with the most majestic weeping willow tree to the side of the house. I remember saying 'This could be a stunning cottage garden'-never thinking for a moment that I would be the one charged with creating it!. The die was cast and the rest, as they say, 'is history'. My partner and I moved into the house in November and there was not one day between then and the following February when it did not rain.

The work on the garden started in 2017. It has been a real story of trial, error and learning. There have been times when I could have cried in despair (I think I did if I am truthful-especially in the first year, when my carefully nurtured Delphiniums were flattened in the wind that howls up the valley) but more often, the garden has created a feeling of delight.

It is this 'delight' that has led me to establish 'The Devon Cottage Gardener' so I can share the beauty, colour, form and structure of the flowers and plants grown here for people to bring into their homes and gardens. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Over the coming months, I will share stories of the development of the garden, flowers and plants that are grown here. I promise you will get the 'warts and all'!

As the saying goes 'Flowers are like friends. They bring colour to your world'. Here's to lots of colour in 2021!

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